• Brand and Item: The sweater is a unique creation by the brand FREE WORLD ORDER. Named the "Bones Pictorial Sweater", it captures attention with its bone graphic design.

    Size Range: This sweater is versatile, from Small (S) to Extra Large (XL), ensuring a fit for most individuals.

    Material and Care: Crafted with an intriguing mix of materials - it boasts approximately 75.6% of a primary fabric (exact type not provided), combined with 16% Modal for a smooth touch and 8.4% Spandex for that added stretch. This composition ensures both comfort and durability. It also has the advantage of not requiring ironing.

    Design Details: Its standout feature is the bone graphic pattern which adorns the front. Complementing this is a round neck collar and regular type sleeves. The wool used is of regular thickness, suitable for the average autumn climate.

    Color Palette: The available shades of light gray and black make it adaptable to various outfits and styles.

    Fit and Style: Adopting a loose edition type, this sweater is perfect for those who prefer a more relaxed fit. The overall style can be described as a blend of trendy and youthful. The jacquard style details add an extra touch of sophistication.

    Use and Seasonality: Designed for leisure activities, it's the perfect addition to an autumn wardrobe with its long sleeves and thickened fabric ensuring warmth.

    Release Details: Keeping in sync with fashion trends, this sweater is set to hit the market in Autumn 2023, under the item number FWD3073264.