2023 "PROJECT R69®"

PHASE IV. Unity Of Opposites

2023 denim is stonewashed to formulate a metallic undertone, the oversized and western fit is for both wearing solace and a unique streetwear paradigm.

2020/2021/2022 "MADEEXTREME"

tops & sweaters

Enriched with inkjet printing, embroidery, and/or distressed design, the 2022 tops are formulated to American Vogue.

23.5” Street Culture Duffel Carryon


23.5” Street Culture Duffel Carryon

$105.00 USD
"The thorax of the bag is crafted from rugged artificial leather, and accessory materials - as our team doesn't use animal fabrics in all our designs."


Down-Fill & Outerwear

Overfilled for a bulkier appearance and wear comfort, the 2021 midwinter outerwear is further stylised with needlework, acrylic dyes, and/or inkjet artistry.


World Wide Way

Globally riding the New Fashion wave, we invite you to revel in our exceptional styles and find true satisfaction in our artistry.